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The Process for a Printed Vertical wall print

Curious of the Printed Vertical Printing Process, here is a relative breakdown:

Site approval

This first stage is to make sure that the wall is free of hazards. Don't worry there are ways around light switches, alarm flashers, signs, outlets.  This is also where we make sure the sized image fits your space and will look the best that it can.

Image design/ Artwork

Second stage is all about your image.  This can be a logo, or graphic that you have on hand or even we help design for (or with you), text that you'd like to see everyday.  This is where we get the image just right for you.

Print Day

Here is where it all comes together. 

The day of the print we will show up, set up, print, take down, and leave. Simple as that!


This last step is pretty easy, just step back and look at the new image that has re-energized your space.

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