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What We


Direct to Wall Printing

This is when you and Printed Vertical have designated a space to do a direct-to-wall print. We bring the mobile printer, set up and print, simple as that!


Image/ and Design work

Not real sure what you want printed? Do you have a few images but would like them all integrated together, re-branding, complete image design, we can help with that!


Project prints

Do you have an event or space, but no wall, but still want something special? Not an issue. We'll print on material and you'll be good-to-go!


Ceiling Panels/ Acoustic Tiles

By printing directly onto the tile, we have the capability to print on them without compromising the acoustic integrity of the tile.


Site Preparation

Does the space just need a simple facelift and a fresh coat of paint, or the wall needs repair? No, problem, we can fix it!

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